Memphis Concerts

Upcoming Concerts in Memphis

Apr 15 8:00 PM
Germantown Performing Arts Centre - Memphis, TN
Mar 19 3:30 AM
Minglewood Hall - Memphis, TN
Apr 30 3:30 AM
Minglewood Hall - Memphis, TN
Jun 10 3:30 AM
Graceland Soundstage - Memphis, TN
Sep 24 3:30 AM
Minglewood Hall - Memphis, TN
Oct 9 9:00 PM
1884 Lounge - Memphis, TN
Oct 24 8:00 PM
Minglewood Hall - Memphis, TN
Jun 21 8:00 PM
Minglewood Hall - Memphis, TN
Aug 12 8:00 PM
Growlers - TN - Memphis, TN

live music and concerts in memphis

Memphis Concerts and Live Music? Memphis has a thriving live music scene that is well-known. After all, Elvis Presley and B.B. King were discovered and reared in the city. Live music is synonymous with Memphis. Most visitors comment on the abundance of venues in the city when they first arrive. In fact, many describe the atmosphere as vibrant and authentic. The abundance of clubs, bars and theaters makes this city an ideal spot for musicians. The low cost of living also attracts touring acts. Anyone interested in hearing great local music should consider visiting Memphis.

Every night of the week, you can hear both established and rising stars perform here. While some music venues are renowned and have a rich history, others that are more recent are bringing a new energy to the music scene. The following list includes some of the best music venues in Memphis: Orpheum Theatre, FedExForum, Overton Park Shell, Minglewood Hall, Royal Studio, 1884 Lounge, Grermantown Performing Art Centre.

Live music and concerts are an integral part of Memphis culture, and it shows in the city’s success as a tourism spot. Bars and clubs book live music regularly, and musicians travel there from all over to play their songs. Tourist attraction remains high due to low costs of living compared to other cities, so local musicians choose Memphis whenever possible.